100 g Gold Cast Bar - Valcambi

CAD $11,317.77

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  • Au
Metal Au
Fineness 0.9999
Net Weight 100 g
Gross Weight 100 g
Shape Rectangular
Dimension 26.00 x 44.00 mm
Condition uncirculated
Numbering 2 letters and 6 numbers


Simplicity with style

The Hallmark is not only a guarantee for the quality of Swiss workmanship, it guarantees also the fineness of the most sought after bars in the world, desired by precious metals connoisseurs and investors alike. Valcambi’s ability to adapt their production processes quickly and smoothly within the shortest possible timeframes enables them to produce a number of different products simultaneously.

Whenever you see this Assay Mark (Assay stamp of refiner) on a bar or ingot you will know that it has been refined, assayed and cast by Valcambi.


Cast VAP bars traditionally have a lower quality finish than minted bars and are produced by pouring molten precious metal directly into carefully prepared molds. As long ago as 1994, Valcambi designed its first fully automated kilobar and tola bar manufacturing equipment, allowing for round the clock production, 7 days a week. The latest developments in automation enabled them to install a new and fully automated plant in 2008.

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