1 oz Silver Britannia - King Charles III

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  • Ag
Metal Ag
Fineness 0.999
Net Weight 1 oz
Gross Weight 31.103 g
Shape Round
Dimension Ø 38.61 x 3.00 mm
Year 2023
Face Value 2 GBP
Condition uncirculated


Information about Silver Britannia 1 oz - 2023

With the minting year 2021, the classic design of the silver coin Britannia by Philip Nathan was supplemented by new design elements and security features called "Bullion Security". The Silver Britannia is a British silver coin that has been minted by The Royal Mint since 1987 and at that time was the first European investment coin. The face value of the Britannia silver coin is denominated in British pounds. In Great Britain, it is the official means of payment. Since 1987 the silver coin has been available in the sizes 1/10 ounce, 1/4 ounce, 1/2 ounce and 1 ounce. 

The design of the silver coin

The motif side of the Britannia silver coin shows the Roman deity and personification of the country "Britannia" as a standing figure with a helmet, shield and trident. This motif remained unchanged until the turn of the millennium. Since 2001 the motif of the Britannia has been changing in years with an odd year and remains the same in years with an even year. Therefore, some changes were made for the minting year 2022, which further enhance the motif of the coin. The background of the motif side is finished with a wave shape. Thanks to a special embossing technique, when the angle of view changes, it appears as if the waves are moving. In addition, the motif has been supplemented by a security feature, which shows a lock as a symbol of security when viewed from 90 degrees. If the viewer's perspective changes, the lock becomes a trident, one of the defining symbols of the Britannia coin. The new edition of the motif page is rounded off by the Latin word "DECUS ET TUTAMEN" for "fame and defense".

The value side of the silver coin shows the first coin portrait of King Charles III, who has reigned since 2022. The portrait of the King was created by the well-known British sculptor Martin Jennings and personally approved by His Majesty. In keeping with tradition, the portrait of the King faces to the left, i.e. in the opposite direction to Queen Elizabeth II. The portrait is framed by the words "CHARLES III - D-G-REX-F-D" and the face value of "2 POUNDS".

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